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Ocado change delivery slot hits when you have and Ace and a ten, jack, queen or king for a total of Highest card of the original suit played will win the trick, unless a spade is played, in which the highest spade wins!

The games on this website are using PLAY fake money.

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Lose all your money? Run out of money?

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Play instantaneously with Winter Blackjack! Winter Blackjack When the weather gets chilly, come get on a hot streak with Winter Blackjack! Don't get bored playing your regular blackjack games and instead keep it exciting with all the new seasons of Blackjack only from Games!

Advice is given in the bottom right corner - this is based on percentage chance to win a given blackjack hand.

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As in casino blackjack, you may next choose to Hit get another cardDouble double your bet and get only one more cardStand keep the cards you haveInsure against dealer blackjack only if dealer is showing an Aceor Split to play two hands, only if you have two of the same cards.

Win the hand and keep on going.

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Select an amount of money to bet for your hand by clicking the chips in the lower left. If the dealer has an ace, you may buy insurance if you wish.

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Blackjack Spring Strategy Look for the blackjack dealer to have a bust hand and stay with your cards. Choose to hit, stay, double, insure, or split going forward.

No payouts will be awarded, there are no "winnings", as all games represented by Games LLC are free to play.

Blackjack Easter Strategy Click the Advice button in the bottom right to seek blackjack hand advice! Halloween Blackjack is played like casino blackjack, with you versus the dealer. The blackjack game is set that the dealer must hit on soft 17, but this can be changed in the settings.

The games on this website are using PLAY fake money.

Need blackjack advice every turn? Play to beat the dealer by having the highest card count up to twenty one, but not over. Have 11 points on the Blackjack flop and the dealer has a low card? This is NOT a casino game.

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Just play New Years Blackjack again! If a bid is not reached, the team loses 10x their bid. Ask for a blackjack hint by pressing the speech bubble in the right corner. The games on this website are using PLAY fake money. Protect your teammate if they bid Nil by throwing high cards at the beginning of tricks or to beat their cards.

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Use the options in the home screen to select how many decks of cards you'll use before the Blackjack dealer shuffles. This is NOT a casino game. Christmas Blackjack 'Tis the season for Christmas Blackjack.

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Each hand will finish with you knowing the result and then moving on quickly to start the next hand! Play strictly for fun.