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Yes I could have also. Another case of leaving points on the table that would harm us later.

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We just took steps and climbed. My poor choice of a navigational decision making, placed us one hour behind the power curve. It was aggravating and fulfilling. There were moans and even sounds of sheer pain.

It all culminated in a 5 mile run that was by all reasoning not possible. Think of it as the place in between speed walking and open jogging.

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Damn that was close. Ours was a battle of making choices, living with them and fighting back from the increasing pile of missed points and minutes. But the new Kinsley had turned into a weight lifting, gun shooting endurance maniac and had won the argument.

Boom, after just 30 minutes we walked right up on it. He handed me the funniest and most useless scribbling I could have ever expected to get. This place was absolutely HUGE! We refilled our water and returned to the stack of tires to get ours and start rolling.

I had to focus hard on keeping my mind off it just as Kinsley was trying to ignore the fact that his right calve had taken enough steps and was refusing to push forward anymore. At that time all I wanted was the point credit for navigating to a location and to move on. Shot one hit, shot two miss. At about am I told Kinsley to lay down and I would set my alarm for 20 minutes later.

Some of the looters are using violent force to steal and you run into them on your street. He says that andy slot meters down the hill in the darkness are three steel plates painted red and spread out by about 50 meters each. I knew I could make it if I could drop the 50lb pack but that was not an option. The footage will likely be raw and real.

It was an intense and powerful push. It was an awesome experience.

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We halted about 45 minutes in to take our final nutrition point and dump any unneeded weight. Until I saw a sign in the distance.

I shook my head, turned right and started running. I never could really tell where the hell the bad guys were. An ingenuous way to make a heavy, hard to manage casualty.

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I went back and got the tire while Kinsley refilled our water. I entered the scenario and went up to my first piece of plywood wall cover, turned the corner and holy shit were the targets small! I looked back and Kinsley was finally unable to keep up with the pace and I knew it was the golden dildo weighing him down. Ok enough time wasted we need to boogy!