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There is a long, very interesting interview with Janet and Justin on Sleaze Roxx. Within this collection, the artists deliver heartfelt and sincere performances of stirring poems and songs.

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November 25th John has been interviewed for Dr. Fabulous drums from Mr. Click on each image for a larger version.

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New tour dates for Janet for A day after playing a successful show on January 11th at the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, she was rushed to hospital and had to have emergency surgery to remove a subdural hematoma that was putting pressure on her brain. I've no idea, but it sounds great. You can see how the news was announced here: No details given but presumably this is for the live album, at least initially.

The album can be ordered here: I tried to get the verses to sound as close as possibleno reverb, as if I'm speaking to you. Cryin' with Terry Ilous 4. The title had been buzzing around for a while in my head, and in my heartI have read enough Scandinavian folk lore and literature to know what the function of this super-male sacred feminine can doher purpose to choose between those who live or die on the battlefield, and to escort them safely and gloriously to the next world.

For all things ASIA, please visit: The location of the birthplace of the song is echoed in the introduction, an Asian Welsh male voice choir. See the review of Monstrocity in Fireworks Magazine here. For more info, see here.

Most of us have experienced this, and it's not pretty, so it does strike a chord in most people including the two authors of this song.

September 11th For those following John's guest appearances, you may be interested to see the two fronts covers that have just been published for the first time: November 7th Two new interviews, a long one with Janet from Fireworks magazine and one with Brittany at GuitarWorld.

The story is of the disintegration of a relationship. This re-mastered set features Monkey Business which has been out of print for nearly comment ouvrir un coffre fort a roulette years and Jack-Knife which has been out of print for nearly 20 years. See her post on Facebook.

John says he tells his story, "If I can help someone out, Ill gladly do it. Roxy has posted a teaser for the upcoming Madam X album Monstrocity on Youtube. Love Made Me with Chad Stewart 8.

Geoff's verse, my chorusand if anyone asks the question about 'as close as Russian Dolls' the answer is that one fits inside the otherand it doesn't get any closer than that. As with 'Valkyrie', I had the title "Gravitas' before the track was written, and it was at a band meeting where the majority vote went to this title for the album.

When I heard it, I just asked GD to remember it, we agreed that it would be terrific in sequence on the album. October 25th New live dates: And another Down 'n' Outz live video clip, for the song Storm.

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She had to have a hole drilled into her head to remove the hematoma, and a titanium plate put in to cover the hole. I had the opening line, and at my house in Bournemouth, Geoff and I expanded the sequence, and birthed the song.

The release can be pre-ordered through the below link, with digital links to follow. I had the title and a chord sequence, and we tossed this around for a while, until something clicked, and there was a moment, that spark that ignites the afternoon, and tells us that we have somethingthe muse gives it her blessing, and another ASIA song is conceived.

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October 16th Vixen have been recording a couple of bonus tracks for the live album release with Michael Wagener at his studio in Nashville. Click on the below thumbnail for a larger image. I tried a version of Valkyrie which would be a modern, 21st Century businesswomanbut went back to the Valkyrie's original purpose of safe delivery to the afterlife, whatever that may be.

Go to page 10 to read it, and also see page 49 for a review of her solo album. You can hear John's appearance here: