Elite Ops Series by Lora Leigh

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There, lounging in the shadows, was Black Jack. Parking, she lifted the customized, electronically enhanced helmet from her head and secured it to the chest rest of the bike before dismounting. She caught sight of Travis within seconds after she entered the bar. She propped her hands on her hips, tilted her head, and arched her brow.

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His gaze took in the leather black jack de lora leigh boots, and in the second it lingered there she wished she had worn her high-heeled boots rather than the ones that allowed her easier movement. You trusted her for 6 years. But then the original Lilly Belle had been no angel either. He thought nothing of working opposite sides of the law, and he didn't care if he spilled blood if need be.

Lora Leigh Prologue It was an anniversary of sorts. Tell me the rules now so I at least know what to expect the next time you decide to disappear for however long. Travis and lilly together where cute, Lilly's mother was a royal bitch. The disk she carried in the inside pocket of her jacket contained information on several individuals who had been known European associates of the person known as Warbucks, an American who had stolen and attempted to sell sensitive military weapons several weeks before.

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This book could have been so good, but instead it seemed kinda generic and repetitious. He didn't bother to hide it. A weekend crowd filled the place nearly to capacity, with alcohol fueling the joviality and carefree laughter. The last meeting with this man had culminated in a kiss, though. She smiled at the thought as she fluffed her dark hair around her face, attempting to restore a bit of body to it before entering the bar.

Something she rarely did for a mission this simple. Even more problematic was the man she was meeting. She'd realized that as the plane landed.

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Not a bad read but it truly could have been so much better I am disappointed and a little scared to start the next one. Sassy, don't really know who the hero really is but she feels drawn to him and she's sexing him all the time even though she knows he is a lying sack and he is keeping things from her, she just trusts him!

The original Travis Caine had been a cess-pool of depravity.

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Brooding awareness filled his rough-hewn features, and for a second, just the barest second, her breath caught in her throat at the flicker of pure male arousal that gleamed in his gaze. She'd even used makeup tonight.

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The memory of that kiss was guaranteed to shred her self-control when she met with him once more. There had been problems and dangers there. Thankfully, the information she had brought to America was something that could be taken care of quickly.

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Lilly was a Agent of the Elite ops that gets shot and has amnesia, so they sent her home to her old life with a cover story. Why not just say hey if you want to keep your life don't say anything or else. The identity he had taken with his induction into the Elite Ops was that of "facilitator," a man who negogiated agreements between rival companies or organizations.

This was a hell of a place to celebrate such a momentous occasion as dying.

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They all lied to her and turned their backs on her when she needed them. The anniversary of her death. Black Jack Elite Ops 4 Author: Tired of so much, and wondering if the price she had paid would ever feel worth the pain she endured. Other than that he was just kinda there just your everyday elite ops guy kinda cookie cutter. She was one of you if she remembers how is that a threat.

Not that he missed them. This series started so strong. It wasn't as though her former life had been perfect, she told herself. Nothing about if she works for the team anymore or any real wrapping up of the story just a "Hey baby I'm staying with you " "Really baby you're staying Cool" The End.

Running her hands quickly down the snug leather that covered her hips, Lilly let a self-mocking smile touch her lips. The plot was a very small little bit better than the last bookbut not by muchbecause the plot black jack de lora leigh really believable.

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She had known the rules, she had understood the intricacies of living within it. She looked forward to it. Lilly Belle, code-named Night Hawk, maneuvered the streamlined Ninja into the dimly lit parking lot of the bar at which she had been ordered to meet her contact, and fought not to reflect on life and death.

No friends with benefits.