LtCol Jack Matthews, USMC(Ret)

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Although Matthews was only 15 years old at the time of his first encounter with the 10th Cavalry, he arranged for forged documents that showed him to be the minimum enlistment age of He was the oldest living former Buffalo Soldier. This is Jack favorite move with the women since they can't stand the pain with Jack bending their backs and pleasure from him riding them.

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The designation would ultimately grow to include six Cavalry Regiments: Harry Schmidt, the commanding general of 4th Marine Division during the World War II island hopping campaign in the Pacific, he did not think the landing on Iwo Jima was handled correctly. I just hope people starting to struggle with addiction who hear his story get help before it is too late and they ruin their lives.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the American west was still wild territory, and the Army was engaged in conflicts with both hostile Native Americans and various Mexican forces, although friendly tribal members were employed as guides.

While working at a racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky, he met African American soldiers serving in the U. He plans to continue to speak anywhere he is invited.

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Matthews said his experience can serve as an inspiration to anyone struggling with a problem with alcohol, because the best time to quit is before the problem gets out of control. Matthews opened his talks by telling stories of how his drinking got him in trouble in his personal life and professional career.

The Buffalo Soldiers served admirably during this period, beginning with the Apache and Indian Wars spanning the southwest and Great Plains regions, and also assisting with duties such as road building and guarding postal service deliveries.

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His family moved to Mansfield, Ohio, when he was still young, and he grew up there close to horses and riding. However, his story was not one of all woe and despair. But he continued to be acknowledged as a source of living history and recollection about their vibrant past. Matthews spoke to Combat Center Marines and sailors Aug.

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There were also a number of infantry regiments comprised of black troops. Early jobs included delivering newspapers, which he did by riding a pony, and stable work. Inhe met with Secretary of State Colin Powell on the occasion of his th birthday.

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He formally joined the Army in Columbus, Ohio, that year and completed basic training. The term came to be used proudly to describe any all-black unit, tracing its history to the original formation of the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments.

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Wrestling- Jack have moves in all types of wrestling techinical, ariel, powerful, and brawler which helps him move in all situations and he loves the pain and danger that comes with the sport which helps movtivate him to win. That vicious cycle is why he and alcoholics like him keep drinking for so long — even after they have lost everything important to them, Matthews explained.

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What cums around goes around- It when Jack foots jab someone and hold their arms while forcing them to give him a blow job then he picks them up by the waist and while facing away from him he eats their pussy when they cum or about to he drops them on their head. He finally succumbed to pneumonia at agepassing away in Washington, DC, on September 6, He became a security guard, rising to chief of the guards at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, before fully retiring in He's smart, manipulating, cold, calculating,and a bit of a smartass that make the fans love him but that what also make him so unpredictable and dangerous to both faces and heels since he bows to no one.

Matthews told his audience after one night of particularly hard drinking around his chain of command, he again made a foolhardy comment in a blackout, and it was then he was told to seek help for his alcohol problem. With the outbreak of World War I, the U.

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They were instrumental in the settling of the west at this time of massive expansion and collectively earned some 20 Medals of Honor in recognition of their service. He has great talent in the ring and in bed that helps him go blackjack matthews against the powerful women in the league and win In end through he try to look out for himself because how dangerous the league is for men.

He chose to see a military psychologist who immediately sent him to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland for rehabilitation, which he says, coupled with regularly attending step meetings, saved his life. Scream for Mercy- Jack has his oppenent in a camel clutch position when they are face down on the mat but while in that position he fucks them.

The last all-black unit in the U.

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He was also responsible for the presidential stable of horses and played on the polo team, and in an effort to sell war bonds, mounted horse shows. Matthews distinguished himself with his superior marksmanship, and inhe was assigned to a Mexican campaign to capture the infamous revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, led by General John J.

He'll help both face and heel if they need him but usually in way that they never know he helped them.

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How he told visiting retired Marine Corps Gen. Matthews developed glaucoma in his later years, and was partially blind by age and fully blind at After Matthews was told about the comments he made by the admiral in charge of the hospital the next day, Matthews revealed he knew little about the actual invasion on Iwo Jima.

Jack join the league because he was tried of the league showing that men are weak and he wanted to show that men are just as strong as women and also to have some fun.


The most likely sources are the Apache, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Comanche tribes who revered the casino fille buffalo. While numerous black troops fought in the Civil War and were often organized into separate segregated units, the Buffalo Soldiers were distinctive in that they were formed during peacetime to serve as regular Army regiments.

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Comprised entirely of black enlisted men, they were usually commanded by white officers, with occasional African Americans leading. He is very quiet person who has great insight into people and situations that when he speaks people listen.