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Crown Prince Albert's army closed in on Paris from the north unopposed, while Crown Prince Frederick moved in from the south. Together with 90, Mobiles Territorialsa brigade of 13, naval seamen andNational Guards, the potential defenders of Paris totalled aroundpersonnel.

Siege[ edit ] The Prussian armies quickly reached Paris, and on 15 September Moltke issued orders for the investment of the city. The pigeons were taken to their base, first at Tours and later at Poitiersand when they had been fed and rested were ready for the return journey.

The final terms agreed on were that the French regular troops less one division would be disarmed, Paris would pay an indemnity of two hundred million francs, and the fortifications around the perimeter of the city would be surrendered.

Bismarck's advice was "provoke an uprising then while you still have an army to suppress it with". Responsible for the direction of the siege casino siege social paris General later Field Marshal von Blumenthal.

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However the Prussian encirclement of the city made this pointless, and on 17 September Nadar wrote to the Council for the Defence of Paris proposing the use of balloons for communication with the outside world: On 30 September Vinoy attacked Chevilly with 20, soldiers and was soundly repulsed by the 3rd Army.

While Parisians scrubbed the streets "polluted" by the triumphal entry no serious incidents occurred during the short and symbolic occupation of the city. The use of balloons to carry mail was first proposed by the photographer and balloonist Felix Nadarwho had established the grandiosely titled No.

The people of Paris were beginning to suffer from the effects of the German blockade. Even Castor and Polluxthe only pair of elephants in Paris, were slaughtered for their meat. Chamberspublished inincludes a story titled "The Street of the First Shell" which takes place over a few days of the Siege. In January, on Bismarck's advice, the Germans fired some 12, shells into the city over 23 nights in an attempt to break Parisian morale.

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It was also contended that a quick French surrender would leave the new French armies undefeated and allow France to renew the war shortly after. In Paris, the Governor and commander-in-chief of the city's defenses, General Louis Jules Trochuassembled a force of 60, regular soldiers who had managed to escape from Sedan under Joseph Vinoy or who were gathered from depot troops.

Rats, dogscatsand horses were the first to be slaughtered and became regular fare on restaurant menus. In the battle of Le Bourget the Prussian Guards succeeded in retaking the city and captured 1, French soldiers.

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Trochu changed his plan and allowed Vinoy to make a demonstration against the Prussians west of the Seine. Hentyalso published inspans the Prussian Siege and the ensuing events reglementation roulette anglaise the Paris Commune.

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On 17 September a force under Vinoy attacked Frederick's army near Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in an effort to save a supply depot there, but it was eventually driven back by artillery fire. These forces were crushed at the Battle of Sedanand the road to Paris was left open. A Christmas menu, 99th day of the siege. Balloon mail was the only means by which communications from the besieged city could reach the rest of France.

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Field-Marshal Helmuth von Moltke and General Leonhard, Count von Blumenthal who commanded the siege seen in the illustration on this page behind Bismarck's right shoulder were primarily concerned with a methodical siege that would destroy the detached forts around the city and slowly strangle the defending forces with a minimum of German casualties.

He also led the way in providing humanitarian relief to foreign nationals, including ethnic Germans. This prompted the city's surrender on 28 January Moltke was also worried that insufficient winter supplies were reaching the German armies investing the city, as diseases such as tuberculosis were breaking out amongst the besieging soldiers.

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The photographic process allowed multiple copies of the messages to be sent, so that although only 57 of the pigeons released reached Paris more than 60, of the 95, messages sent were delivered.

Paris sustained more damage in the — siege than in any other conflict.