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Karma, Xi'an Coy Manh, "Shan": Kitty and the New Mutants were locked in a dormitory where they couldn't use their powers; Doug was not with them. Warlock and Cypher shared a close bond, often sticking close together in battle.

Domino applied to join Deadpool 's new team, X-Force.

Selective Invulnerability

Danielle, who couldn't control her power, obeyed Black Eagle's wishes that she join Xavier, but did so out of vengeance. Cannonball, Samuel Guthrie, "Sam": When Xavier finally met David, he learned that David is his son, and the source of his autism and multiple-personalities was a terrorist attack that killed his stepfather, David Shomron.

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Master Markswoman - Domino is extremely skilled in hitting her targets from a long range with accuracy. They fought S'ym on her behalf, unsuccessfully, before she recovered and summoned her soulsword to threaten his life.

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The entity then attacked Karma at the moment Viper, while escaping, destroyed her own headquarters. Illyana did not exhibit any other abilities until she programmed a Danger Room training session for the X-Men which had them face Belasco.

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Warlock activated the stargate for the New Mutants to follow but they arrived in space a light year away. It tranformed them into its agents to fight the New Mutants, while it tried to break through Magik's protective spells around the operating room.

Her powers can also be applied to non-kinetic improbable events, such as guessing an encrypted vault code on her first try. Dani attacked Selene causing her to release Amara from her control, but Selene knocked Amara into the pit of lava.

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Kitty went with him but was captured by the White Queen of the Helfire Club, who was presumed still catatonic from Mastermind. History Formation Charles Xavierfounder of the X-Menbecame increasingly worried after losing several students. Professor Xavier and Karma went to Wyoming. Doug was left behind, coming back to his home in Salem Center by normal means, ignorant of the mutants at the Academy and Xavier's school.

The Demon Bear came to the hospital, where the New Mutants battled it to a standoff. Blonde Russian girl whose mutant power can teleport her and others through time and space but each trip was tied to her Limboshe learned magic by an alternate-reality Ororo and the Demon-lord Belasco, but didn't like to use either power.

There they met the three personalities each representing a psi-power, who called themselves Legion. He saved them by assuming the shape of a vessel and went to that location. Domino was able to land safely in a large inflatable panda on the forecourt of a car dealership. The letter described Lonestar's daughter as cyclops roulette help to learn to control her mutant powers.

She fled to Madripoorletting her uncle take the fall for the Gladiators as the police arrived.

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Selene used her mutant powers to drain Amara's life energy into her own body. Professor Xavier and Rahne drove through Kentucky where they were ambushed by Samuel Guthriewhose mutant power is rocket-like flight, and who was working for Pierce.

This time, Professor Xavier would only train them in the use of their special powers, and not send them out into combat. The White Queen sensed her presence through Kitty's thoughts and sent a psi-bolt at Illyana.

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She had been shot and was being pursued by villagers led by the Reverend Craig. Brazilian boy of mixed race who gained super-strength due to solar energy. Xavier got free and defeated Pierce, but would not kill him or let him be killed.

Somehow they stole Cloak and Dagger's powers, respectively, but Roberto couldn't deal with Cloak's Darkness power and trapped Colossus in it. Expert Martial Artist - Domino is an exceptional martial artist able to subdue many foes. She went alone outside Xavier's mansion in the snow to summon it to fight.

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