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The garden was maintained until the beginning of the 19th century when it was abandoned. Both buildings were decorated with an octagonal turret and sweeping gables. Its original manually driven blower has been preserved. The shrubs grew wild but the paths and terraces could still be seen. The instrument is richly decorated with ebony, ivory and silver. He had himself brought the paintings in adjoining Privy Passage Conseilgangen back from Italy.

Stair turrets with copper-clad domes decorate the courtyard side of the King's Wing. The old building was demolished in and the Flemish architect Hans van Steenwinckel the Elder was charged with planning the new building. The original tapestries depicting important events in the life of Christian IV were woven in Karel van Mander 's workshop in Delft.

Origins[ edit ] The castle under Frederick II, c. Its carefully planned symmetrical features were designed to surround the parks centrepiece, a fountain from which water cascaded down the terraces to the lake below. In the s, Trolle replaced the old building with a larger manor house. Now known as Kaskaderne The Cascadesit was reopened in with a multitude of new shrubs and trees, making it Denmark's most notable Baroque garden.

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The sumptuous ceiling in the Privy Passage with flowering vines, creepers and rosettes is the work of the stucco artists Jan Wilckens van Verelt and Christian Nerger. The Chapel was also the site of the signing of the Treaty of Frederiksborg.

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The restoration work, completed inwas carried out by Ferdinand Meldahl who made use of preserved segments of the ornate gilded ceiling. The portrait collection also contains a number of truly historic works including Karel van Mander 's paintings of Leonora Christina and Christian IVand a number of works by Jacob Binck. Today it is served by four priests and two organists.

It was formally totally puzzled slot free on 5 April and opened to the public in The original collection was based on the paintings which had been saved from the castle fire but, with the help of the Jacobsen fund, it was soon extended to include other cultural artefacts including paintings and furniture.

The Chapel was the scene of the coronations and anointments of all the Danish monarchs from to except for that of Christian VII. The intricate internal decorations were also destroyed but over paintings were saved and are now displayed in the castle's history museum.

It was destroyed by fire in but was almost fully restored thanks to architectural paintings made by Heinrich Hansen and F. While he was staying there on the night of 16 Decemberhe retired to a room on the third floor to examine his historic artefacts. After his death inhis sons Hans and Lorenz completed the assignment. The title refers to her marriage to the prince which took place in the castle's chapel.

Symbolizing the Danish king, the sea god Neptune is the central figure, while tritons piping their seashells decorate the outer basin.

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Jacobsen's funding provided for the establishment of the Museum of National History in the castle. The highest and most impressive tower stands above the Chapel.

The Valdemar Room also contains a copy of the oldest Danish flag from Completed in in the Renaissance style with three protruding step-gabled wings, it served the king as a hunting lodge during the summer months.

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Still standing today is the quadrangular red-brick, tip-roofed house on Staldgade known as Herluf Trolle's Tower c. These in turn lead to a wall along the lake with two round towers completed in bearing the arms of Frederick II and his motto Mein Hoffnung zu Gott allein My hope to God alone.

Anna Sophia, consort of Frederick IV Park of Frederiksborg Castle Baroque Park with its cascading water feature in the background InFrederick VII had a landscaped garden laid out to the north-west of the castle with winding paths, canals and artificial lakes.

It is the best preserved part frederiksborg slot spisested the Renaissance complex, having largely escaped damage in the fire. Since it has also hosted a censored international portrait exhibition. The oldest organ in Denmark, it has 1, wooden pipes. The altarpiece and pulpit from the early 17th century are the work of the silversmith Jacob Mores from Hamburg.

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It was also destroyed by the fire inbut was reconstructed from old paintings.