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Meditate, charging a spell that will daze your target. Then using a Backstab will trigger Revealed Training. This should always be given in a normal dungeon group. Damage your target and nearby foes. Summon an illusion that removes boons from targets it hits.

A Star To Guide Us

Leap at your foe with a flaming attack that causes burning. Blinding Powder Applies 3 seconds of stealth to the party, acts as a blast finisher, and blinds enemies.

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Meditate, charging a spell that will cure conditions for you and nearby allies. Pull nearby foes to you with a magnetic force, gaining protection and Tectonic Shift for each foe pulled. Sword Initiative To power their attacks, thieves rely on a resource called initiative, which regenerates over time.

I prefer a more subtle subterfuge. Wielders of this weapon gain increased condition duration and healing power. Summon an illusion that taunts your target and all nearby targets while blocking.

Steal Thieves use the Steal skill to take weapons from their opponents.

Thief: Slot Skills

Meditate, charging a spell that will break stuns and grant stability to nearby allies. To protect my identity, I hide my face behind a mask of darkness. The next utility skill you gw2 thief slot skills recharges faster. Smash the ground and damage nearby foes. Shadow Return also cures 3 conditions, if you need to slot more condition removal.

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Return to your starting point and leave behind a clone at your previous location. Damage nearby foes with a ring of fire, burning foes that pass through it. Be aware that one of the thieves will use scorpion wire in the beginning which can pull bosses without defiance to a bad location. Creates a mirror at target location.

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Send conditions you have to your foe and steal their boons. Quickly roll backward, leaving behind a line of fire that burns. Shadow Return becomes available for 10 seconds after the first shadowstep. Protect yourself with earth armor and gain protection and stability.

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Throw two lava axes at your foe. Shadow Step With Shadowstep, thieves can teleport into battle for a surprise attack and then use Shadow Return to escape wonder woman slots online their previous position. Throw your shield in a line, crippling struck foes.

Mesmer: Slot Skills

Diversion's recharge time is partially refunded when Mantra of Distraction is fully charged. Create an entry portal at your location that teleports allies to your exit portal.

Create a field of energy that rips boons from foes and cures conditions on allies. Block the next attack and cause bleeding to foes around you. Call down an ice storm on the targeted area. Deadly Arts Deadly Arts is all about Conditions and Poison but also provides some significant direct damage buffs. Use it when you just want to fight one mob at a time, to save the humans from the grawls during the first boss fight in the volcanic fractal, for pulling molten protectors out of fire circles, or speeding up the pull on fyonna in TA.

They are used in all game gw2 thief slot skills and provide some serious levels of badassery. They can gather blinding feathers from moa birds or swipe broken bottles and rusty weapons from bandits and pirates. A thief wielding two daggers can use the Leaping Death Blossom skill, but swapping their off-hand dagger for a pistol will let them teleport to an enemy with Shadow Shot.

Damage is increased per stack of Water Arrow. Strike your foe again.

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I'm the bruiser, the muscle, the bear you don't want to poke. It can help lose aggro of accidentally pulled mobs and revive downed party members including yourself.