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Although the course has changed many times during its history, it is still considered the ultimate test of driving skills in Formula One.

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You are making millions of conscious and subconscious decisions and taking actions. However, there is very little overtaking as the course is so narrow and dangerous.

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Teams also use closer ratio gears, as there are hardly any long straights in Monaco and acceleration is at a premium. He was beaten by Michael Schumacher and had passed Gerhard Berger round the outside of Mirabeau to claim the place. The cars snake down Avenue des Beaux Arts, the next short straight, avoiding an enormous bump on the left of the track, a reminder of the unique nature of the circuit.

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Formula One cars do not incorporate any form of forced cooling, relying solely on air moving over the car to remove heat from the radiator elements. These features make it perhaps the most demanding track in Formula One racing.

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The race circuit has many elevation shifts, tight corners and is narrow. Brundle understands the feeling.

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However it would be almost physically impossible for two modern F1 cars to go round side by side, as the drivers must use full steering lock to get around. Some Formula One teams use other specifically designed components for this circuit.

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You live on your wits but there is always more time, you can brake later, turn in faster but the peril is always there. It is yachts and it is parties on yachts, where people come to be seen and F1 in turn sells itself to the world in the sunshine by the sea.

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Monaco's street circuit places very different demands on the cars in comparison to the majority of the other circuits used during a Championship season. Yet the race is a curious meeting. The glamour attracts casual viewers across the world who may not tune in to another all season but then often presents a rather prosaic procession.

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The inaugural race was held in and was won by William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti. From Season 5 onwards, the race will be held on the full Grand Prix circuit. Brake wear is not a problem during a race in Monaco. Instead the low speeds mean the issue is keeping the brakes up to working temperature.