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I returned to the penny slots and had a fairly good bonus on Genie. Once in the casino it started out mixed with me losing a quick few hundred on penny slots like DaVinci Diamonds and Kitty Glitter. Serrano is a Tapas restaurant so the portions are not large but reasonable.

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In fact I think I prefer this now over the miso glaze sea bass we love to order frequently at Tao at Venetian. Back at Aria I return to my room to get a couple hundred out of the safe as I've now lost my daily gambling allotment.

I had the grilled chicken cobb salad with red wine vinaigrette dressing and a side of balsamic vinegar since they didn't have a balsamic dressing, I made my own. When we got to Bellagio we mainly played the penny slots next to each and Tricia was having some luck which was great, but mine continued to be bad. This is a cute slot and I enjoyed my bonus on it.

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One of them asks me what offer it hit on and I told him on the 3rd offer and he said that is unusual as when the top jackpot hits it's usually on the first offer. The above nudging wild penny slot was among my best after dinner. I ask them to wait while I take a photo and one of them hesitates and starts to object until I mention that another slot attendant had no problem with me taking a photo of my earlier hand pay and I see the other attendant shrug and nod to the one that she should let me so I get a couple quick photos taken.

They offer you the choice of the bar or seating in the restaurant and I asked and received a quiet table for 2 in the back. Tricia had the onion soup for her started and it was quite different from most onion soups. Arrival at the airport was uneventful after I again had to convince my taxi driver I didn't want to go via the interstate.

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Above is the garlic shrimp I had which is delicious. I'll be sharing our trip reports, tips on making the most of your stay in Vegas, reviews of restaurants and shows we have seen, along with my thoughts related to our favorite place to get away from it all.

It was getting late around 2: I'm very happy, however if you are ever nearby when I win a handpay the only way you are going to notice it is when the slot attendants come running, because I don't cheer, yell or dance, in fact I stay very calm and this time was no different.

Service started out well at Aria with the bellman quickly checking my luggage and no wait at the invited guest check in area.

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Taxi ride to Aria was uneventful after I convinced him I didn't want to go via the interstate. I can't believe I ordered halibut for the 3rd night in a row! If nothing else photos that I take with the iphone and tweet will be improved. The side of asparagus was fine, but nothing unusual. I'm thinking yeah, that slogan is right on, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but not this time!

I try the new Batman Dark Knight slot which is interesting but only wants to take my money. My luck is looking up again. While I already knew them it was enjoyable to watch someone who is so good at their job. It might be a long walk to some of these corner suites but I don't mine because it means I don't hear the noise from other guests as they walk to and from their rooms.

If you haven't yet seen the videos I took of Ghostbusters they are here: I still found the view mesmerizing at night with all the neon and video flashing on the strip hotels.

The breadsticks and pretzel bread that Aria room service always brings is yummy.

My photo of the beet salad came out too dark, so I'm not posting it. After dinner Terri and I gambled together at Aria but I could not get any substantial wins. Then why am I down for the day? Sure they have crab legs and lots of shrimp, but the Sunday brunch wasn't impressive and while the food was okay, there are much better buffets on the strip for the same amount of money. I also decided to take a break from gambling and watched Crazy Stupid Love which was a funny movie.

Their response was wouldn't I prefer a credit instead at Aria. When I awoke around 1pm, I ordered the same cobb salad from room service that I had the day I arrived. I return to Vegas for 3 nights staying at the Palazzo for Halloween weekend.

Alright so I had several tastes, it was very good even though I normally don't like this type of dessert. I hadn't eaten anything yet so I ordered room service which I have found at Aria to be quick and also efficient in that they have yet to forget anything I have ordered which has happened frequently at other hotels.

While I'm fumbling around for the camera 2 slot attendants arrive and I'm not kidding within 30 seconds.

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I slept in late at Wynn but was able to get packed and moving around by After brunch gambling again wasn't going well at Aria, though who am I to complain at this point after my earlier wins, so I went over to Bellagio where it wasn't any better. The slot machine in the meantime briefly played some music quietly when I first won but is no longer making a sound.

Naturally I'm quite happy now as I've almost broken even for the trip and can now afford to play and I always seem to have my best wins after midnight. He then did that though he had to override the system which took a extra few minutes. Who knew that would come true? I have a video of that bonus here: To me it looked about the same as last year this time though it's possible there are some new additions I'm not noticing.