Judgment: Problem Gambling Foundation v Attorney-General

Problem gambling foundation new zealand, psychiatric diagnosis

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Conclusion [10] I have concluded that the decision in this case is one which may be subject to the full scope of judicial review so that the Foundation is entitled to advance the grounds contained in issues 2, 3 and 4. The broad issue is whether the decision should be set aside because of apparent bias, or apparent conflicts of interest, of panel members, or the panel as a whole.

The other was to provide national services in conjunction problem gambling foundation new zealand another provider. The issue is the scope of review. As the need grew, services expanded to include face-to-face services; a second clinic was opened in Manurewa in Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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PGF is the largest single treatment provider for problem gambling in Australasiawith over 60 locations throughout New Zealand and a staff of Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This was for provision of services in 13 regions in New Zealand, and nationally, for a 30 month period commencing on 1 January and concluding on 30 June September Learn how and when to remove this template message The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand PGF is a betty yetti slot machine non-profit organisation in New Zealand predominantly funded by the Ministry of Health with funds received from the gambling levy.

People who use Scoop for work need to be licensed through a ScoopPro subscription under this model, they also get access to exclusive news tools. One was to provide services, as the sole provider, in 9 of the 13 regions. On what grounds, if any, can the decision be judicially reviewed?

Psychiatrist Fraser McDonald helped three men who were experiencing problems with gambling establish the CGS because, at that time, there were no services available for gambling problems. The Foundation has provided problem gambling services since and has been the largest service provider in New Zealand.

I have further concluded that, on all three issues the Foundation has established grounds to set the decision aside and that the decision should be set aside. Qualified counselors provide free, professional and confidential counseling services for gamblers and others affected by gambling; a dedicated public health team works on problem-gambling issues in the community with a health promotion approach.

Problem Problem gambling foundation new zealand Foundation of New Zealand From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article needs additional citations for verification. It is a non-profit organisation which provides both public health and clinical problem gambling services. In broad terms, public health services are those designed to prevent or reduce the risk of problem gambling, and clinical services are those concerned with the treatment of problem gamblers.

The mandatory rules include rules relating to conflicts of interest.

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The Ministry used a panel of six people to evaluate proposals with a seventh person who chaired the panel. Did the Ministry fail to follow evaluation processes and criteria set out in, or indicated by, the RFP and, if so, did it breach the mandatory rules, or a legitimate expectation of the Foundation, that in the absence of notification and an opportunity to respond, those processes would be adhered to?

CGS started out as a telephone service, with the first national hotline of its type beginning in