Serendipity (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

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In New Wave, free Ultra Rare cards in with high stats can be given to the player as early as level 1. Dark and Troubled Past: Murasaki possesses a nigh-uncontrollable berserker rage capable of ripping even the strongest Shinobi apart limb from limb. This is actually a fairly accurate measurement of a characters physical strength Hebijo students before battle: Bosses in New Wave will blow up after being defeated.

Failure during a mission can mean death.

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Bit Part Bad Guys: Despite the majority of the cast fighting with blades, hammers, kunai, etc, the main tell that they're serendipity slots victory mode any damage comes in the form of Clothing Damage. It is considered to be the most dangerous place for shinobi to venture to as the mountain is seen as a breeding ground for Youma. It's also the only visual way to tell that the characters are actually trying to kill each otheras actual bloodshed is rare.

In-Universe in Peach Beach Splash, explaining why real weapons are used for melee attacks: Training can be deadly. Despite having some of blackjack 07 lighter moments present in other adaptations of the series, the tone of Guren no Hebi is very bleak and grim and it adverts the Bloodless Carnage the rest of the series utilizes, making all the fights somewhat disturbing to read.

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Induced in the third manga series Guren no Hebi. Taking damage regardless of how much health a character actually has wears down a girl's clothes and will eventually leave her in a defenseless bikini if too many hits are accrued.

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This mythical palace exists on the itunes casino apps between life and death, and is said only to open its doors to those chosen by Lady Luck. Ashiya mostly uses two chakrams. Subverted in the same game by the ending to the Crimson Squad's story has the Crimson Squad surrounded by a seemingly infinite horde of Youma.

Because she doesn't have to. The girls perfectly accept that the fights are No-Holds-Barred Contest which can leave them dead and try in all earnest to kill each other. As for the latter, good luck even catching her as she dashes around the battlefield at lightspeed slashing you up and throwing Fuuma Shurikens.


Imu blindly and unquestionably follows Miyabi's vengeful agenda out of lustful obsession. Instructed to gamble his way into winning Fortune Medals to be reunited with Dajh, Sazh gathers the amount needed while meeting Chocolinathe future incarnation of the chocobo chick that accompanies him.

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Does This Remind You of Anything? The Crimson Squad and Rin's Story endings in Shinovi Versus, though with the pretty implication that they'll live to fight another skyrim where to put slot files. In the Versus continuity.

He's so hopeless at ninjutsu, and her so comparatively skilled that she defeats him easily without ever having to attack him directly. They know they can be finished by the winner. Asuka uses two Wakizashi.

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In Bon Appetit, Hibari is Homura's final boss and she asks Homura why she never did any of her funny impressions for her during her time at Hebijo. Boss events in New Wave have a system where players can assist others in defeating bosses by sending requests to each other. Skip section You wanna know what I think? Subverted, however, in that the in-game "novels" frequently describe characters bleeding most notably when Yagyu attempts to find the Hebijo schooland the insides of Orochi heavily showcase blood dripping everywhere.

Black and White Morality: When there are tons of Hebijo mooks the Hanzo gals defeat them easily. Bon Appetit, being a non-serious Rhythm Gametakes it Up to Eleven due to it being a cooking game as well.