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Only when Tiffany shoved a few coins in the machine slot and restarted the aeroplane again did the child shut up. He fed the disk into the reader slot, checked to make sure no one had screwed up the settings, and hit go. This user-friendly machine has a tiny slot for inserting the bank-notes and the service provided is free.

She inserts a piece of metal significado de empty slot em portugues to the card slot of the ATM machine, then when the card gets stuck she advises the user to re-enter their pin number while taking note of it herself.

The desktop software that manages the scanner is clunky, and feeding a film strip requires that you insert it into a slot just right.

Aruna put the disc into the slot, and the machine began to whir. This prevents the screwdriver from climbing slot racing club bordeaux of the screw slot. It's easy to find a bit that fits the screw slot properly.

When placed into a slot that fits the screw's groove and shape, this allows for rotary motion to be converted into forward or backward motion. He found a quarter with his index finger, picked it up and pushed it into the coin slot on the face of the machine.

They noticed the cashpoint slot was narrow, and when the card was retained they remained by the machine for further instructions - but nothing happened.

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The delivery system includes a first modular manifold for internally channeling the high purity fluid streams along seamless slots. An accessory pack full of the usual stuff including various screws, stands, slot covers, etc was included.

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The fence is held fixed by thumbscrews bearing on the top of the guides, rather than by screws passing through the slots of the guides and pressing collars against their bottoms. Beck watched as Clark reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, thin plastic card, which he inserted into a slot underneath the key.

He took the two coins with a half grin and inserted them in the slot. I inserted a CD into the insert slot on the machine and it pulled the CD inside.

The conmen had constructed a full fake metal fascia decorated with bank logos and then put it on the front of the cash machine with slots for the card and for a receipt to be dispensed.

You will have to open the PC and find a slot to insert the cards.

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It generally requires slotting the card into the AGP port and securing it to the slot via a screw. Of course, the screw slot is pretty fine, so without a properly fitting screwdriver, there is a real risk of marring things. She dug around in her purse and inserted a one-pound coin into the slot, waiting impatiently for the machine to process the menu.

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Once you park, get to the machine nearest to your car, insert a five rupee coin at the slot provided and type your car registration number.