A Primer on Exploring Southern Utah's Best Slot Canyons

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To get to the trailhead: I was carrying a hydration pack, which I actually took off and left half way through the hike only to pick back up on the way out, as it was scraping and making walking through the narrow canyon difficult. The Slot lacks a defined trail marker. You will have earned it by the end of your excursion.

Turn left and venture down to The Slot. You shimmy, scramble, wade, scoot, slog, crawl, and problem-solve.

This makes them an option even during primetime summer in Utah. The canyon itself starts to get taller and taller around you, while the path gets more and more narrow. The trail is enjoyable a second time and several times more. There are no more optical illusions from here, just eye-popping natural wonders.

From the parking area, look for footprints leading down into the ravine below. It even has unique areas such as the palm tree oasis of Hellhole Canyon, abandoned mines and of course the slot canyon itself. The Slot Not far below, the canyon widens and the trail meets the top of a jeep road.

The shaded slot provides cool relief from the desert above. Progress through the narrows for 0. Zion Narrows The water at Zions Narrows is uber refreshing during desert hiking.

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Consult with a local silver legacy slot machines if you want an authoritative opinion. Southern Utah boasts a bevy of mind-blowing slot canyons.

Best for Epic Wading: Hopefully you did not eat a big breakfast, because you will need to squeeze through course walls that are shoulder width apart, and less in places.

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Little Wild Horse at one of its less wild and more open moments. Go as far as you can for the day, then turn back to where you started. This short hike has just feet of elevation loss, but the memory will be much more profound.

The trailhead is found in the Goblin Valley area, which has a lot to explore and ample camp spots. Be smart about only hiking it when there are no storms in sight—and no storms upstream, either.

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You simply weave your slot canyon near san diego through the canyon as it gets to about feet on either side of you. From where we parked it was about yards to the start of the hike. Indeed, slot canyoning is an exercise in human Slinky-ness: We elected to do the latter and headed back in only to see a interview slot meaning tarantula greeting us at the entrance.

Many slots also require a cross-country schlep to get back to your starting point, and these walks are usually in full sun, with diminutive cairns that blend into the landscape.

You can descend through Spooky to get back to Dry Fork Canyon where you started. There are no signs to direct you where to go, just know when you get to the area in the below picture you want to head left down into the canyon for the start of the slot. Go another mile to the parking area for The Slot. The slot canyon is a beautiful natural formation nestled in the heart of the Anza Borrego State Park, about an hour and a half East of San Diego.

The next mile or so is an amazing experience.

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We made a small pile of rocks that let us know this was our exit. Also, make sure that you mark your entrance as it can be hard to tell exactly where you entered when you come back out. Getting There Make no mistake, you will have to work to find this place.

My suggestion would be to check in with the visitors center before trying to head out to the canyon, my map below will get you close, but it is really easy to miss if you do not know where the road will be. The winding trail cliffs out above a dry falls in a side canyon above The Slot.

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The siltstone walls grow taller and closer together. From Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, drive