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If you are an Elton John fan you are gonna love this slot. While Ellen was their big announcement, IGT had a number of good looking games at the show.

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The unique photo booth feature which allows you to participate on the game screen was a new idea which I am sure we will see more of in other games to come. They also announced the Britney Spears slot which features plush leather seats and drew huge watch slots winners 2015 at the show and a new installment in the Buffalo seriesone of my favourite Vegas slot games. If so, please feel free to contact me to tell me what I am missing and I will make sure to get something posted up ASAP.

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Without a doubt the next year or so will be another great one for slot players. I've found that many of these games such as Family Guy and the DC comic games are incredibly tight and will empty the wallet quickly. June 28, by slotmad admin 1 Comment Big slot win videos collection.

Jackpot Paradise, the latest in the insanely popular Wheel of Fortune series that incorporates some new cutting edge technology into the game.

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Fun, colorful and regular bonus rounds, this game was a blast and blackjack 15 vs 6 tons of great music to boot. I had to queue for half an hour to get a go at this and it looked great from my short time playing. Games with skill based elements have been unpopular in the past, so it will be interesting to see how these fare.

Is there a slot that I have missed and you want me to feature? Releasing a new Ellen slot was inevitable after the massive popularity of the first two games, both of which received a lot of attention from fans with its bespoke input from Ellen herself.

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A big push was being made with new cabinet designs and visual features this year in their traditional slot games - this customer experience drive apparently is a result of the combination of the two companies tech teams. Following on from the successful release of the Jetson's, WMS had their new Flintstones slot machine on show at G2E and it was a big hit.

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Huge Bonus win, very loose machine when it wants to be and usually pays back your minimum bet with every spin. Even if he does go to the casino with his Mum…. I love playing them, I love sitting at home with a beer and playing online and I love sitting in the casino with a beer and playing slots.

I love this slot and this is a nice win. They dominated the show last year, but fall a close second to IGT for this one. They showcased Wheel of Fortune: Aside from the new installment in the Avatar slot series and Breaking Bad, they also announced a new Ellen game.

They went big last year and bigger this year. I often feel that I have to defend my love of slot machines to other people — especially poker players. Look down for the slots videos… Anyway, I love slots. What a bizarre one this one is Very odd.

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They too had a themed and licensed slot selection with Superman: The slot industry is always evolving to offer something new, and I am doing my absolute best to keep you informed as new slots are announced or released into the wild.

Anyone know if this is WMS? As a huge Friends fan I still watch the repeatsthis is one game I'm going to be playing alot.